05 May 2018 A new season…..

It’s been a long and exciting winter for me.  For those that haven’t followed along, I moved to the USA in October, attended the Nascar Awards Banquet in Charlotte, North Carolina to receive my Ontario Provincial Rookie of the Year award, spent a lot of time with, many thanks to Bob Dillner for the experience, travelled to many different race tracks, attended the Barrett Jackson Auction in Arizona, met so many amazing people and truly had the time of my life.  Coming back to Canada in April was a reality check, but I needed to come home to race and work to make more money so I can go back to the USA in the fall.

May 5th was opening night at Sunset Speedway, since last weekend was cancelled, and the day actually started out well.  My car was awesome in practice, everything about it felt great.  Went out for second practice, car was still great……until we got back to our pit stall and it was leaking oil.  We cleaned up the oil, Dad, Paul Genioli Sr and Jo Lawrence took a look at the car and it appeared that the seal was leaking.  Nic Montanari mentioned that John Stefko, from Stefko Racing Engines, was heading up to the track this evening, so I called him and said he would come up to fix it.

We had to miss the first feature of the night, which was a really good feature, clean and green from start to finish.  Congrats to Danny Benedict on the first feature win of the season.

John came and got the motor fixed in time for us to run the second feature of the night.  I started 17th in the feature.   The first feature, was clean, but the same cannot be said for the second feature.  One lap two or three, the caution would come out as the 41 and 48 were involved somehow, I didn’t see it.  The 41 broke something as he drove the car in reverse down pit road.  The 48 would go to the back and I would restart in 15th.

Going back to green, I assume the 10 got into the back Billy Zardo, running in 3rd, and send him spinning, bringing out another caution.  After this caution, I would restart in 12th.   Lap 12 would see the next caution.  I have no idea what happened, but ahead of me the 25 would end up sideways on the back stretch, with the 39 involved as well, and the 14 would end up hitting the 25 car and got air borne.  

I restarted the race in 9th and got up to 8th and ran there for a bit with some hard side by side laps with Dwayne Baker and Gord Shepherd, eventually I would lose my position to them and move back to 10th before the before the 98 brought out the next caution when he spun out of corner two.

On lap 28, it would appear that the 10 car got into the back of the 31, sending him around and bringing out yet another caution.  The 10 would go to the back, the 31 would bump him under caution, causing him to be back flagged and upon being black flagged, he decided to go in a blaze of glory and spun the 10 car out before existing the track.

We got back to racing and were going through the corner when the 48 snapped sideways, sending him into the side of my car, sending me around, where I would get hit by the 4 car, which then turned my car the other way….my throttle stuck and I headed toward the outside wall.  Watch the video highlights of the wreck HERE.

I would be done for the night.  I have some damage to the car, but appears to be mostly cosmetic.  We’ll be back stronger than ever, and more determined next week.  I had a good top 10 run and couldn’t be happier with the car.  It was a very “Bowman Gray” type of race for sure. 

See you next week