13 May 60 Lap Feature at Sunset Speedway

Well it certainly wasn’t the best car I’ve ever driven. The car was back to normal on Wednesday at practice.  We didn’t touch it after that. Brought it to the track today and we had to make a couple adjustments during practice and I just couldn’t get the “tight” out of it.  

We had a 60 lap feature tonight instead of twin 35 laps, so instead of doing regular qualifying, we had a heat race.  I started on the pole with the 54 on the outside so I expected to fall back.  I didn’t expect to fall back as far as I did though.  There was a caution on lap 1 when the 57 and 46 would get together.  At this point I had already fallen back to 3rd, so I would restart here. The car was so great last weekend and Wednesday, so  I thought I’d have a good heat race.  Wasn’t meant to be.  We ending up falling back to 8th place.  This poor finish would have us starting 15th in the feature. 

We made a few adjustments for the feature but really didn’t know what to expect.   The car was not very good at the beginning of the race and we were in a group of four for about 7-8 laps where I lost a few spots. 

There was an early caution on lap 10, when the 10 car had a flat tire and we would restart in 15th. 

By lap 23 I had fallen back to 2nd last but as a positive, the car was starting to feel better. 

We ran a long time under green,  I made a move down the front straight to get under the 14 and 4 car, I was inside the 14 going into turn 1 when we made contact and I was pushed down into the grass but I didn’t back out of it, made the pass on both cars coming out of 2 and picked up two spots. 

Lap 56 would see the final caution of the night when the 48 and 24 would make contact, sending them both around.  I would line up for the restart in 12th, but with some very fast cars right behind me.  I wasn’t sure how the restart would go, but it was clean.  I fell back to 13th on the restart and then would be passed by the 24 on the final lap.  

In the end, it wasn’t the result we were hoping for, but the car came home in one piece and it was a little better in the end.  

We won’t be racing next weekend.   Taking a week off as I am flying to North Carolina tomorrow morning.   Got some exciting things happening there next week which I’ll share as soon as I can.   I’ll be back home May 25th in time for the race that weekend.  

Photo Credit:  Jerry  Abramowicz