10 Jul A Night To Remember

This past weekend was the best overall night of racing I’ve had since I’ve started racing in the late model. This weekend was amazing because of how much my team and I learned about the car, how it handles and what adjustments work, and which ones don’t. Paul Jr and Jo came over Saturday morning and helped my Dad and I set up and fine tune my car. We scaled the car and made many adjustments that would hopefully get the car to where we wanted it. Special HUGE thanks to Paul Jr and Jo for all their help before heading to the track, and while at the track. 

Our adjustments did just that. I had never felt more comfortable and fast in the car, especially on older tires, as I did on Saturday in first practice. I came off the track with a better understanding of what I needed to do next to set my car up perfect. We made a few small adjustments which were, air pressure and wedge, then we put on the tires that we would use for qualifying and the race. The car felt amazing!! Probably the best set up we’ve had in the car. The car was very fast in qualifying and I ended up qualifying 8th!!! My best qualifying effort to date. 

I started 8th in the first feature and battled up to the 6th position, I was battling very hard with the 14 car when I got loose out of corner 4 and ended up losing 2 spots and falling back to 8th. At this point, the car was a little bit tight in the center of the corner and very loose off.

The caution came out on lap 22 for the 39 car due to a broken power steering line, so we lined back up and I restarted 9th. 

After the caution, the car went to an extremely bad tight-loose condition. Lap 25 the 54 and I would go into the corner and I wasn’t able to turn due to the tightness of my car,  I would go up into him, and give him a flat tire (Sorry Danny :() bringing the caution out.  I would restart 9th and would fall to 10th in the remaining 10 laps of the race. Very happy with this finish, considering how the car was handling.

In the second feature I would start 9th and before coming to the green flag to start the race, a caution would come out for the 48 and the 48z. I’m not quite sure what happened, but I will be receiving go-pro footage withing the next few weeks of the wreck, I will post it then.

I would restart 7th, the 81 and the 4 car would come together at the front of the pack, he saved it, but further back in the pack the 3 car would spin bringing out the caution, this was still on lap 1. I  restarted 7th again.  

After a few laps, I had made my way up to the 5th position  and was told the 10 car was coming, I would show him the outside lane, he went to the outside and through the corner we made contact causing me to spin. Disappointing as this was the highest up I had climbed to this year so far.  I would restart at the rear of the field  

I would race my way through the field and raced hard with the 39 car which is always fun! There was a caution on lap 19 as the 4 car spun. I would line up 11th for the restart. 

There was another caution on lap 29 as the 90 had a mechanical failure and would stop on the track to be towed off.  I would restart 10 and with the 6 lap shootout, I would bring it home in the 9th position.  Near the end of the race my car would become a bit loose off the corner, none the less I was very happy with my finish, after coming from the back. 



On Sunday my Dad and I attended the Mobil 1 SportsCar Grand Prix.  This is always a very cool event and it’s great to see a different side of racing than I’m used to. There were many amazing people I was able to meet as well as many amazing things I was welcomed to do. During the Grid Walk I was told I would be presenting the trophies to both of the Proto Type division too three!!! This was such a cool experience and it was super fun to be on the podium with all the different talented drivers! Even if a few of them did sprayed me a little with the celebretory champagne!! Haha

All in all a great day to see the other side of racing, from a great facility like CTMP. 

Thank you Mobil 1 and Imperial Oil for this experience! 


Also a reminder, the Limited Late Models do not race on June the 15th! We will enjoy our weekend off and come back in 2 weeks even stronger!  Oh, and with a beautiful car once again as it is currently in being repainted for a mid season refresh thanks to my amazing Sponsor, Radical Rods, Rides and Restoration in Barrie, Ontario.  They always give me the best looking cars!!