03 Aug Back at it! 60 lap feature

I missed the night of racing on July 21, 2018 as I was working in New Hampshire for the Nascar Races.

Practice didn’t start out well for us.  I had a brake issue again in first practice.  We worked on this, missed second practice but they had a 3rd practice session this week, thankfully, because I pulled on the track, did one lap and broke an axle.  The team set about fixing the car, many thanks to all those that helped me out.  Brandon Passer, Nic Montanari, Mike Wilkinson for offering to go home for an axle, Connor & Rob James for asking Darlene to bring parts from home as she was just on her way to the track, Gord Shepherd for loaning me an axle and Jo Lawrence for helping to put the car back together.  I can’t say enough about these people that I race with, the support and help they offer, it truly is incredible.  Thank you to each and every one of them.

This weekend was a great race weekend for our team, unfortunately we didn’t get the finish in the feature that we wanted.  This week was unlike our regular weeks because we ran one 60 lap race, and two heats which were 10 laps each.

In the first heat we started 5th after pulling a 26. We would have a caution on lap 2 when contact between the 57 and 4 car would send the 4 car spinning.  I would restart third and finish fourth.

In the second heat I would start on the outside pole and I would lead the pack for about 5 laps. I was racing side by side with the 24 car, when my car became tight in the centre of the corner and I would fall back to the fourth position.

The 24 car was the fast qualifier and that would make him draw for the invert, he drew 7 and that would put me on the pole.  We ran green for about 31 laps and by then I had fallen back to about 6th, and the top 6 had a comfortable lead on the rest of the pack.

After the caution we would line up, and I would restart 6th.  Lap 36 the caution would come out again for the 9 car who spun out, and collected the 98. I would restart 6th again.

On lap 38 I wasn’t quite clear and I came down and just came across the nose of the 46 car. I almost saved the car but I couldn’t quite complete the save. Thankfully the whole field had slowed up and there was no contact made. I would be the sole car sent to the rear of the field for the restart.

Lap 41 would come around and the 46 had a steering problem which caused him to collect the 4 and the 25 in corner 3.  The 4 and the 25 would finish the race but the 46 would be towed back to the pits.  At this point I had made my way back to 8th for the restart.

After chasing the car for about half of the race I would have one hard hit with the right side into the wall which would mangle the right front rim causing an ill handling car, leading to myself pulling off the race track into the pits on lap 52. I would finish tenth overall.

On to the next week!  August 4th we will be back to twin 35 lap features.