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10 Oct 2016 Super Stock Season

As usual, we like to do a recap of our seasonThis year, we moved from the mini stock division, to our Rookie Year in the Super Stock division.  The change wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be.  Going from FWD to RWD and...

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03 Oct September 24/25th, Velocity at Sunset Speedway

With the final points race in the books, and our division championship won by Matt Bentley, we moved on to the final invitational race of the year, with racers from other tracks coming to race.  Congratulations to Matt on the championship, it was so well...

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11 Sep Sept 10/16 Sunset Speedway

The car was okay in practice today, but we struggled with the battery.  Car started with no issues at home, no issue when we got to the track, took the car over the tech to check ride height and weights and when I went to...

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11 Sep Sept 3, 2016 Sunset Speedway

To be honest, with the start of school this week and working every day at my two jobs, I haven't had any time to update my website and don't really remember much of what happened last week at the race track.My Dad wasn't there as...

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the grid

09 Sep Mobil 1 The Grid TV

This past weekend, we went international!  The Grid TV aired their grass roots racing segment world wide.The Grid TV is based out of the UK and they came to Canada to film the segment at Sunset Speedway.  They spent the entire day at the track...

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09 Sep Family Channel – We are Savvy

Back in February, I filmed a segment for the show, We are Savvy, which is a new TV Show on the Family Channel.  It is geared toward "tweens", especially girls.  The concept of the show is to present positive attitudes, to know your own self...

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28 Aug August 27, 2016 Sunset Speedway

Today was the first day that we would have time trials and one Nascar Feature and one Sunset feature to accommodate the drivers under 14.I've never done time trials before, so we weren't sure how this would go.  On my first lap, I ran a 16.564...

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27 Aug August 20, 2016 Sunset Speedway

The first practice started out well, the car felt good.  We went out for second practice and the car had a horrible vibration, when I brought the car in to the pits, we found that the steering shaft was broken.  A quick fix on that...

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30 Jul Sunset Speedway July 30, 2016

In practice today, the car was awesome out of the corner. We've been working on getting bite out and Dad made a bunch of changes this week and it worked. But I was loose in and tight through the corner. We made some more changes...

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