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31 May May 28, 2016 was a tough night

 We started out the day with some good expectations.  The car felt fantastic in practice, other than being extremely hot in the car. :)  I was to start the heat race on the pole and was hoping to maintain a good finishing spot.  There were...

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23 May May 21st Spring Velocity

  It was an amazing weekend at Sunset Speedway.  Originally I wasn't going to run in the spring velocity and I was going to let my Dad run my car, but then they decided to let me run and get some seat time.On Saturday, we had...

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18 May EPIC Weekend at Dover Speedway

     I was at the Dover Delaware Nascar race over the weekend and I can easily say it was one of the best experiences of my life.  I can't thank Gloria at Nascar enough for giving me the Hot Passes for the garage.  What a unique...

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29 Apr The 2016 Racing Season is here!

The car is finally ready and the race season is about to start.  Opening night at Sunset Speedway is this weekend, April 30, 2016.We spent last weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, as well as this past Wednesday, at practice.  It was good for me to...

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02 Mar January 28, 2016 – Drive 4 Diversity Update

No decisions have been made as of yet for the drivers being selected from the Youth Combine.  The last thing that I have heard is they still had a few drivers to evaluate, but with the weather in North Carolina recently they haven’t finalized everything. ...

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02 Mar 2015 Year Recap

The 2015 Points season at Sunset Speedway has come to an end.  We didn't end up with the points finish that we had hoped for at the beginning of the season, but we knew by the second night of racing that we weren't going to...

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02 Mar The Drive 4 Diversity Youth Combine Program

On November 16, 2015, we travelled back to North Carolina to do our testing for D4D.  The weather was fantastic and so were the people that were testing us.  The track at Concord has two different corners, one wide and flat, the other is banked...

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02 Mar Drive 4 Diversity Experience

On October 2, 2015 - my 16th Birthday - I received notification that I was selected for the Drive 4 Diversity youth program.  For those that aren't aware, the D4D program is to engage women and individuals of diverse, ethnic and racial backgrounds in all...

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