03 Jun Bowman Gray heads north of the border this weekend!

It’s seems we had some Bowman Gray action at a few race tracks across Ontario this weekend.  😂

To start the weekend, we headed out to Ohsweken Speedway to take in some dirt racing and see Kenny Schrader in action.   It was a great, yet dirty, night of racing.   

Saturday would see our team back in action at Sunset Speedway.   In practice, we had to make sure the car was right for me after Dad made some changes last week while he was testing it.  It felt good in practice so we only ran a handful of laps.  Off to qualifying, which I still continue to struggle with. The car has  more speed than this but clearly I am better with other cars around me, making me work harder.  

In the first feature, I would start in 12th.  On lap 7 of the race, the 90 would bring out the caution for a flat tire.   Still running in 12th we’d restart the race only to have the 90 spin the 24 car on the restart and both would restart at the back.  We’d try the restart again. 

On lap 16, the 46 car would go around coming out of two bringing out the next caution. At this time, I went pit side as we had noticed smoke coming out of the car and we were losing the power steering.  I didn’t have any crew in the infield this week (like most weeks) so I pulled up to the NG Motorsports crew for some help, however the 24 car pulled in right behind me. A few of the NG Motorsports crew stayed with my car along with help from Rino Montanari.  They added power steering fluid and we just barely got out before the race went green again.   I came out of the pits just before the leaders,  but would eventually be over taken by the lead pack by lap 19.  The car was okay, but obviously this was a temporary fix, so on lap 26 I decided to pull into the infield and park it for the rest of the feature. 

We set to work on getting the car fixed for the second feature.  With the help of my sponsor, Great Lakes Concrete, NG Motorsports, they loaned me a power steering pump to get back out on the track for feature two.  

Thanks to all that helped me out for the first feature. It’s appreciated as always.  

For feature 2, we would start 14th. The race would be clean and green up to lap 19.  We were trapped behind two cars side by side for most of these laps.   The 41 car would spin entering corner 1, no idea if he had help or not, but the 10 would come down and collect the 54 car, bring out the caution.  

This was unfortunate for those involved, but good for me as it staggered the cars ahead of me that had been battling side by side for half the race.  

On the restart, we would get by a couple cars and move up to 10th place were we would spend about 10 laps.  I was attempting to pass the 9th place car and finally made the pass with a couple laps to go racing side by side to the checkers. 

Overall, we were happy with the race result and how the car performed. Tough to come from the back in this field so every position you can make up is a victory. 

It was like Bowman Gray came north of the border this weekend with tempers flaring at Sunset, people wrecking other drivers after the checkers at Peterborough and others upset with a lapped car being spun by the leader at Flamboro.  No question about it, racing is a passionate sport with drama at every track on any given weekend. 

Car felt good tonight and I am looking forward to next weekend.