24 Jun Fan appreciation and 2 35 lap features

I had the pleasure of having my representative from Mobil 1 at the track for the weekend. It’s always a pleasure to have David and Margaret Swain come support me.

In practice the car felt great so we decided to sit out the second round and watch to see how the competition looked today.

I had another good qualifying run and I qualified the car in 7th. My qualifying has improved, which is amazing as I’ve always struggled with this.

We would start straight up, fast cars to the front, which tends to lead to a real line up and go type of race, without a lot of passing. The 4 car would hit pit road and wouldn’t take the green. The inside lane wouldn’t be the fast lane in this feature and I’d fall back to 9th pretty quickly.

The first and only caution would come out on lap 28 when the 54 and 24x were lapping the 43 car. The 43 would get into the 24x, which in turn would push the 24x into the 54, causing the 54 to go around. 54 and 24x would go to the back.

I’d restart in 7th for the final 7 lap shoot out and it went green and I’d end up finishing the race in 7th with the win going to the 24 of Nick Goetz.

For the second feature, I drew the starting position of P8. It was another clean and green feature race. I fell back to 9th on lap 11. Lap 20, going into corner one, my car snapped sideways, so aggressively, I thought someone had hit me, which they didn’t, but I was able to gather the car up without losing a position. I was closing on the group ahead of me, but was not able to advance my position above 9th. Another solid night at that track and we are happy with the results.

Shout out to rookie Nic Montanari on his solid 6th place finish last night.

I am looking forward to working with Shiann Wilman this week as a driving instructor as we get her ready for her mini stock debut race.