01 Jul Happy Canada Day – it was a hot one

From start to finished it was an extremely difficult day.  It was about 102 degrees with the humidity yesterday and God only knows how hot it was in the car.   The pits were dead most of the day with most people not doing much to their cars as it was simply too hot.  

We took the car out for about 5 laps of practice during the heat of the day and left it at that.  My car felt good. 

We time trialed a little later due to the weather, hoping it would start to cool down, but it didn’t.  I time trialed 10th which put me in the draw and I pulled 3rd for the start of the race. 

In the opening laps of the 60 lap feature, the air pressures didn’t come up as quickly as I needed them too and I fell back to 7th by lap 2.  It wouldn’t get better as I continued to fall and by lap 16, I was in 10th.  

The car started to feel better and I set out to start making my way back up the field.  

I made a clean pass on a car at lap 25, moving up to 9th, and unfortunately the 9 car would spin me going into corner 1 at lap 30.   There was no damage to my car so I didn’t have to pit, but we would bring out the first caution of the night and restart at the tail end of the field.   

By lap 46 we would be back up the 9th place.  At this point in time things weren’t going great for me.  My brakes were pretty much gone and as a driver, so was I.  It took a lot to just focus on the race and ride it out until the end.  I was just out there turning laps and trying to keep it clean and focus on finishing.  The heat was getting to me in the worst way. 

On lap 57, the 24 would spin bringing out the final caution of the night.  It was beyond hot and at this point I thought I was going to throw up.  

On the final restart I lined up 8th and I don’t know what happened on the while flag lap but the 57 was all over the track and everyone checked up and two cars passed me on the outside putting me into 10th for the finish.   

After the race, I was sick from the heat and it took a number of cold towels and ice to bring my body temperature back down.  Rough night.  

Back at it next weekend.