Episode 1 – Opening night at Sunset Speedway, my debut in the Nascar Division 1 Limited Late Model division – currently on air on Rogers TV. ¬†Watch as we figure out my first qualifying attempt, the first feature races I’ll run in the car as well as our discussion with Thayne Hallyburton about tires and tire management. ¬†










  • Upcoming feature topics
  • We filmed a number of segments at the Motorama Show in March including interviews with David Swain from Mobil 1, Dan Bailey of Epic Racewear and Alex Tagliani!
  • Our segment topics will include the following, along with the guests scheduled to appear.
  • What does sponsorship require and what to businesses look for in a brand ambassador – with guests David Swain from Mobil 1 and Dan Bailey from Epic Racewear
  • Social media – the importance in your life as well as racing – with guest Jennifer Thompson, Principal of JT & Company
  • Our Veterans episode, talking about the changes in racing over the years – with guests Tom Walters and Derrick Tiemersma
  • The Youth movement in racing, how kids are getting involved and moving through the ranks at much younger ages – with guests Brandon McFerran, Gerrit Tiemersma, Nic and Daniel Montanari
  • Whats it like to be a woman in what has been considered a male sport – with guests Brittney Gresel and Jaymee Adams
  • The making of a champion show, what it takes to win a championship and the ups and downs – with guests Matt Bentley, Mike Bentley and Taylor Holdaway
  • Do you know the females behind the drivers? Do you know the role they play? Great background story – with guests Kayla Walters and Susan Maltese
  • The family dynamic of racing, you have to give up a lot for racing, the long schedules, the missed family events, so having an understanding or involved family is important – with guest Thayne Hallyburton
  • Success as a woman in motorsports – what it takes to get there and the hurdles – with guest Amanda Balson
  • Passing the torch – for the family that become 2nd, 3rd etc generation drivers – with our youngest guests of the season, Ryan with his father Matt Pettit and Nathan with his father Tony Tiemersma


If you have an idea for the show or know someone that would be a great guest that you’d like to see on the show, please contact me at kendra_beth@hotmail.com