09 Jul The Mortgage Station VIP night

The day started out well. Changed some tires and brakes. We missed first practice but made it out for second and the car felt good.


Went out for qualifying and I put down my fastest lap time to date of a 14.806, so clearly I am getting better at qualifying. We’d qualify 8th.


For the feature, we would end up staring P7 as the car that took the pole had to pull into the pits after qualifying.


We started P7 and held that spot until about lap 10 when we would start to battle with the 9 for 6th.


I am not sure what happened to the 3 car but I did see that he spun in corner two and took a hard hit from the 25 who had no where to go. The 4 just got by with some minor body damage. Unfortunately I heard that the 3 car may not be back this season but I hope that changes.

Restarted 7th, moved up to 6th. I was having a brake issue and they were smoking. Battled for 20 laps door to door, back and forth, changing positions, with the 9 car. He was running a high line and I was on the inside, but with the brake issue, I wasn’t able to set up in the corner the way I needed to in order to make the pass work. I would end up with a 6th place finish in the first of two features.

For the second feature, I would start in P2. With the brake issue fixed and the car running well, I was confident we would have a good finish. With the 10 car on the pole, my best shot was to try to find a spot behind him.


I had a good start and was able to dip to the low line and fall in behind the 10.


I would run in second place for about 12 laps when suddenly the car was not handling well, I started to drop through the field and on lap 20, I pulled it to the infield. The car was bouncing off the track and wore out part of my side skirt, no caution had come out in 8 laps. I didn’t want to bring out a caution as it was a good race and I didn’t want to change the potential outcome of the race with a caution.


So I parked the car for the night with a right front flat tire.


It was a great night. My car ran well, we had a good finish in the first feature and a strong run in the second feature, running second when we got the flat.


My sponsor, The Mortgage Station, was on hand for their VIP event. Always one of my favourite nights of the year.


We are off next week, July 14th and then I will not be racing July 21st as I will be in New Hampshire. I haven’t decided if I will have a substitute driver or not have it at the race track at all.