04 Sep MRN was the highlight of my day

This past Saturday we went into the day high expectations to have a great finish.  Last week we finished 6th and 11th in the features, after running in the top 5 for most of the second feature before getting trained on the outside.  So expectations for a good day were high.

In practice the car was good and we ended up qualifying 9th for the feature with 20 cars starting.  So far so good.

In the first feature, we started 9th and lost a position early to fall into 10th where we would run under green until lap 18 when the 3 car got into my left rear bumper in corner three sending me around.  We had to go into the pits with a left rear flat.  We made an adjustment to the car at the same time, as the spare tire we had was not the same size as the one that came off the car.

When we returned to the race track, we lined up 19th for the restart, the car was horrible when we went green.  In two laps, the car was out of shape three times and I wasn’t able to get on the gas without spinning the car around.  Lucky for me, the 57 would spin on lap 20 and I was able to head back to the pits again for a much needed adjustment.

On the restart, I was 17th and the car was not any better than it had been before the adjustment, so clearly we didn’t make the right adjustment.

On Lap 31 the 3 car would spin and bring out the caution and with just 4 laps left, I was barely hanging on to the back of the pack and would finish the race in 19th.  It was a horrible race.

With finishing the first feature in 19th, this is where I would start the second feature.  We had made some changes before the second feature, and I was hopeful that we would have a better result.  On lap 9, the 81 would spin to bring out the caution.  I would restart again in 19th.  

On lap 10, the 28 and the 24 would get together on the back stretch, turning the 24 sideways and he would then be hit by the 48 car.  The 48 had to be taken off the track on the tow truck, the 24 would be able to continue, but would be at the back for the restart.

I restarted 13th and the car was actually feeling a bit better, the car was pretty decent in the outside groove.  By the time the caution came out again on lap 21, my car was very poor handling again and I’d once again make my way down pit road for some changes.    This time I would restart in 17th.  On lap 31, the 11 would get into the back of the 81 causing her to spin, and the 3 car would go around, bringing out another caution.  

Thinking that might be the last caution of the night, and end this dreadful night for us, I lined up 16th for the restart.  There would be another caution on lap 33 when the first and second place cars would get together, resulting in the 41 car going around and the 39 being sent to the back as an involved driver.  Not liking the call, he spoke to the officials and ended up getting black flagged for driver misconduct.

We’d restart the race for the final time and finished in the 17th position.  

This is the worst results I’ve had all year, worse than my first night in the car, and I couldn’t be more disappointed.  There were a lot of important people at the track that night and I wanted to have a good showing, but obviously it wasn’t meant to be.  

Thank you to my sponsor, Avaya, for attending this weekend.  It means a lot of have you there to support me.

Thank you to Kyle, Buddy, Tony and Dylan from MRN radio for coming up to watch the races.  Kyle is one of my favourite friends in the world and it was great to finally get to spend some time with him at my home track instead of random races in the USA.  Sorry I didn’t have better results for the night that you finally made it here to watch.  Next time it will be better Kyle, I promise.  :)  But thank you all very much for making the ride up to watch.  I appreciate it.

Listen to Kyle on MRN radio on Coast to Coast on Wednesday as he will talk about his time at Sunset Speedway this weekend……and probably a bit about the CTMP NASCAR Truck race as well.  :)

Also, this week, tune in to Jack Dodson’s Racing Insider News from Virginia Beach, Virginia as I will be live on the show Tuesday after 7:45pm.