14 Sep Not the end to the season we wanted

Not the ending we were looking for – view video here


We have a great car on the weekend.  Did some work to the car during the week, felt amazing in practice and set my fastest qualifying time to date, which had me in the 6th qualifying spot for the first feature, and we hoped for, and expected, a good finish.

Unfortunately it was not meant to be.  On the opening lap of the feature, the car inside of me took me high up the track coming to the green flag to start the race, our rear tires locked and I would be put up into the outside wall.  This would be the end of the race, the end of the night and the end of our 2018 season unfortunately.

The car can and will be fixed, however, with my Dad away for business in Vancouver all week, there just wasn’t the time or manpower to get the job done and get the car out for Championship weekend, and the car will not be racing the Velocity weekend either.

Not the way that we wanted our season to end.  

Overall, we had a great season, as a team and as a driver, we accomplished everything we set out to do and we improved greatly.  

We can’t do this without our amazing sponsors, I appreciate my sponsors and everything they do for me, that allows me to be able to race.  Much appreciation and thanks go out to:

Mobil 1, SE Telecom, Avaya Inc, Radical Restorations, Gear, Paul Quail Transport, Global Simcoe Paving, The Mortgage Station, Great Lakes Concrete, Epic Racewear, JT & Company and Motorsport Alley.

Many thanks to Rogers TV for continuing Life in the Fast Lane for the second season.  We have a lot of fun doing the show and appreciate that they do this. 

At this moment, we are not 100% sure what the plans are for the 2019 season.  Everything depends on funding so we will talk with our sponsors over the winter and see what we can arrange to do for 2019.

Thank you everyone for your support and help in 2018, we look forward to seeing what we can arrange for 2019.