Mobil 1 is back with Adams Motorsports for the 2018 season for our fourth season together.  Mobil 1 is the official oil of Nascar so they are a great marketing partner for us racing under the Nascar Banner at Sunset Speedway.  David has been so helpful and has provided me so many opportunities and excellent advice, I can’t even begin to thank him, and Mobil 1, enough.  Excited to have an international company as our Primary sponsor this year.


SE Telecom is back on board for the 2018 Season, for the fifth straight year, as my Secondary Sponsor.  James and Grant have been a wonderful support for myself and the charities that I am involved with!  I am honoured to have a company like SE Telecom stand behind and support me.  


We are excited to have Avaya back with us as an associate sponsor in 2018 for the second season.  Amazing to have an international company at this level as a sponsor.  We are looking forward to working with Avaya and the things that we will do in 2018


Now in our fifth season with Epic Racewear and One Promo, they supply my racing suits and crew wear, and it’s simply amazing!  Your imagination is their catalogue.  Epic Racewear and One Promo were a part of our winning best appearing car award in 2015 for both our Mini Stock and Super Stock!

Paul Quail Transport Logo

Paul Quail Transport is back for their sixth year with me, and are the one sponsor that has been with me since the beginning and sponsored my Dad for many years when he raced, and I can’t thank them enough for their support.


The Mortgage Station – is back for their fifth straight season as our sponsor.  We have amazing support from them and are always involved in great experiences giving back to the community through community events such as the charity BBQ for the local food bank.


Matt is the best in the business for your engine building!  He is amazing to work with, well priced and always delivers a great product.  Glad to have Matt back helping us out in 2018.


Glad to have Radical Rods back in 2018, for the fifth year, as they were a big part of us winning the best appearing car award in 2014 and 2015!  They do amazing work.  My paint schemes come alive with their work.  Happy to be able to work with them this season for Marketing through the Radical Restoration Showcase that I will be hosting each week.


We welcome Wix back with us for the third straight year.  We are one of the Wix Brand Ambassadors for the 2018 season. Twitter @JointeamWix


I would like to thank Jennifer Thompson for her support.  She was a huge part of why I was picked for the Drive for Diversity Youth Combine program as she assisted with my introduction video, the content to include with the application and then she was the person responsible for connecting me with the media during the whole process.  She was simply amazing and I wouldn’t have had these opportunities with her.  JT & Company continues to assist me in obtaining the goals I have set out for myself in life, she is an incredible mentor, role model and woman in business.