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18 Jun Two top Five Finishes….not meant to be

Be sure to join us next weekend at Sunset Speedway, June 23/18 for fan appreciation night.

First off, we are extremely happy to announce that Global Simcoe Paving is back as a sponsor with us for the 2018 Season!  Thank you for coming on board again this year.

We had a great weekend of racing.  Originally I wasn’t planning to race this weekend, again, as I thought I would be working, but it turned out I was available, and I am glad I was! 

Rogers TV was awesome as I contacted them Friday to let them know I was going to be available to race after all and they made themselves available to come film. 

We hadn’t worked on the car all week as we weren’t planning to race so Dad and I did some work to the car Saturday morning and headed up to the track.  

We were fast out of the box.  We went out for practice, ran two laps and pulled the car in and that was the only practice we did.   As we all know, I never qualify well, but Saturday would be my best qualifying ever as I would qualify 6th. 

In this field, where the cars are all so close, qualifying is all important and it has always eluded me.  

This was also a huge race for me as it was the first time I would race a late model in the same race as my Dad.   My Dad hasn’t raced late model since 2004!! He was running NG Motorsports back up car.   He qualified the car 9th, but he wasn’t in the race to win, just turn some laps in the car so although he qualified 9th he started in the scratch position. 

We would line up 6th in the feature and we had a great run.  We all just basically fell into line and we were running 6th when my Dad spun and brought out the caution on lap 20. 

I’d line back up in 6th position and battle with the 25 car for a number of laps before completing the pass on him on the outside on lap 25. From here I set my sights on the 57 car for 4th place.  

By lap 29, I was under the 57 when we would catch a lapped car and I was pinched down behind the lapped car and unable to complete the pass for 4th, falling back into 5th place.  

I prepared to make another run at the 57 for fourth place but this would be cut short however when the 25 would get into the corner too hard and turned me into the infield, bringing out the caution at lap 31.  Frustrating to be spun attempting to get my first top five finish in the late model, but to the back of the field we would both go for the restart with just four laps to go.  

The only positive to being sent to the back was that I was able to do some side by side racing with my Dad as I came back through the field to end up finishing the race in 8th.  My Dad finished in 10th, but I did wave at him on the way by!! 😂

It was a great Father’s Day experience to be able to be in the same race as my Dad.  We raced once in mini stock against each other as well, and let me just say, that I passed him in that race too!! 


For the second feature we would start on the pole. It was my first feature race pole start of the year and I still find it nerve wracking to start the race.   I did get a good start and had a great side by side battle with the 3 car for four laps with him just ahead at the line when the caution came out on lap 4.  From what I saw on the race track, the 57 was spun and the 10 went to the back so I assume he was the reason for the spin.  The 9 car went pit side But returned to the race before green.  

I restarted in second, however the 3 car took the outside.   The 3 would get by on the outside and take the lead and I fell I to second.  I’d run in 2nd until lap 20 when the 24 would catch me and pull to the outside to battle for  2nd. We had a great side by side battle for five laps before Nick completed the pass putting me back into 3rd and in a battle again, this time with the 10 car.  It would be a short battle though as the 10 got by me by lap 26 putting me into 4th. 

The 10 would go on to win the race and I would finish in 4th, picking up my first top five in my late model.  

It was a fantastic night and I can’t thank all my crew, family, friends and supporters enough.   Thanks to the owners and staff at Sunset Speedway for making it all possible. 

As always, none of this would be possible without my sponsors Mobil 1, SE Telecom, Avaya, Epic Racewear, Radical Restorations, Gear Head Parts, Great Lakes Concrete, The Mortgage Station, JT & Company, Global Simcoe Paving and Wix. 

The car is running great and we are excited for next week.